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Vernon May
Strategic and tactical brilliance in telecom operations, Vernon has created, implemented and taught telecommunications technology on six continents over 38 years  and has leveraged his service provider and vendor experience into that of , inventor, trainer/coach, systems designer, program manager, product manager and plant operations expert. He currently holds two US Patents, including #8027807 B2 on Remote DSL Circuit Evaluation.
Vernon has had a notable career in telecommunications operations and management roles in four Fortune 500 companies. His concepts and designs have improved how internet and television are propagated over twisted copper cable. All of the top five North American service providers  have implemented some version of his strategies on various technologies.
Vernon’s concepts have proven to be effective for those seeking methods and procedures focused on practical network operations. A sought-after speaker and a contributor to print and online publications, Vernon has presented his concepts to thousands of executives, scientists, engineers, managers and technicians all over the globe and in various venues.

Vernon also works with service providers and vendors on a one-on-one consulting basis both by phone and in person helping resolve difficult problems, develop policies and procedures for new technology to insure consistency in field operations from the very beginning of the implementation process.